A taboo subject? No! We talk about it. We talk about it. Anilingus, rimming, tongue anal or just licking buttocks. This anal practice (correctly read) is about licking the ass, or more precisely the anus of the other, with the tongue. Whether simply disgusting and wacky, or erotic, is probably in the truest sense of the word a matter of taste and anything but a must!

Why just at the bottom?

The anal region is occupied with numerous nerve endings and belongs to the erogenous zones. Besides kissing, it is one of the few sexual practices that is independent of sex. For those who lick each other’s buttocks, the whole thing has a certain charm or erotic kick.

What is the best position to take?

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  • Facesitting: As the name suggests, the person who is licked squats over the head of the licker.
  • In principle, however, any position is suitable in which the anus can be reached easily.

And what about hygiene? Well, if the anus isn’t washed, it’s not exactly appetizing for the licker, and can also have health consequences. The cleanest action is when the anus is not only cleaned externally, but also internally with an intestinal flush. This is the least risk of infection. In addition or as an alternative the leak cloth – technical term: rubber dam – can also be used, which is actually sold for licking the vagina.

Only lick the bottom hole?

No, when licking the buttocks, the entire buttocks can be included, from the buttocks to the perineum. And the tongue anal sex may even go quite far. Namely up to a real anal “tongue fuck”, where you don’t just lick your buttocks with your tongue, but penetrate right into your ass. Well, enough of the good.

Anyway, you’ve heard it now and know what it’s all about when you hear about Rimming or Anilingus. Still: Certainly not as horny as it sounds.