Anilingus (also known as: Rimming, rimjob, analingus, anal kiss, Algiers French or anal licking) is the erotic penetration of the anus with the tongue. This oral sexual practice differs from the blow job or cunnilingus – in this variation both partners have equal rights and experience very similar stimulation.

Whether heterosexual or homosexual, stimulation of the pleasure organ enriches the love life. A high degree of trust in your partner is essential for rimming. In today’s article we give tips on hygiene, the right licking techniques and exciting positions that make anilingus an exciting experience. Break with us a small taboo and let yourself in on new erotic realms!

Anilingus: Taboo topic or exciting insider tip?

Blow Job and Cunnilingus were long regarded as taboo topics that people didn’t talk about. Today it belongs in almost every respect to a fulfilling sex life – these sexual practices have become socially acceptable. Anal intercourse is also becoming increasingly popular and is becoming the focus of many couples. The sensitive anus is an erogenous zone where countless nerve endings come together. Both women and men therefore enjoy an exciting stimulation. But what about anilingus – a sexual practice that is wonderfully suitable as a prelude to anal intercourse?

For couples who practice Anilingus, the practice is an absolute insider tip. A high degree of mutual trust and hygiene is important. This sex practice is not for anal beginners, but an exciting extension of anal intercourse for advanced learners. Anilingus makes the anal foreplay humid and stimulates the desire. Real tongue artists can even lick your partner to orgasm. Also the Anilingus in the society so far only little Zuspruch experiences and a certain Tabubruch with itself brings, is for some pairs an exciting play. It is therefore also suitable as a wonderful addition to the erotic role play and is also used in the BDSM and fetish area.

Anilingus requires hygiene and trust

The anus belongs to one of the most intimate but also most erogenous zones of the body. A high level of trust in your partner is essential for anilingus. Not only does one reveal a sensitive body zone; bacteria and diseases can also be transmitted. Hygiene has the highest priority with Anilingus. The anus should always be well cleaned before erotic anal games. In order to have an open discussion with your partner about risks and communicable diseases such as hepatitis A, HIV and various fungal diseases, you should not avoid anilingus. Even if it is difficult in the heat of battle, the partner should not switch between anus and vagina. Intestinal bacteria in the vagina can cause cystitis. In contrast to anal sex, a condom offers no protection during anilingus.

However, there are so-called “dental dams”, also called leak tissues, which are normally used to prevent cunnilingus. Partners who start with anilingus and who initially have to overcome licking each other’s anus, or people who know each other less well, resort to this form of contraception.

Anilingus postures and leakage techniques

With Anilingus it never gets boring. Different positions and leakage techniques keep the tension in this sex practice. The following tips are suitable for the beginning, but there are no limits to creativity:

  • Supine position: The supine position is the most relaxed position in which anilingus can be enjoyed. The legs are angled and a pillow placed under the buttocks so that the buttocks are slightly higher. The other partner lies on his stomach, the head lies between the legs of the receiving partner. Now he slowly starts to lick the anus.
  • Puppy position: The puppy position is perfect when anilingus is used as foreplay before anal sex. The partner kneels for the anilingus behind the receiving partner and, when the anus is relaxed and both partners are ready, can slowly enter anal sex.
  • 69 position: In 69 position, couples experience double penetration. With their legs tightened, both enjoy anal stimulation at the same time.

Once a suitable position has been found, the correct leakage technique is applied. First you start by slowly letting the tongue circle around the anus. The more intense the anilingus becomes, the more varied the leakage technique must be. Clockwise or counterclockwise, along the pores, with the tongue tense or relaxed – anything you like is allowed. If you like, you can penetrate the anus with the tip of your tongue a few centimetres. But those who believe that they have found the perfect leak technique to give their partner an exciting stimulation or even a climax, are far from it!

Due to the many nerve endings that come together at the anus, the partner feels touching the anus differently almost every day. Anilingus always requires new involvement – it is and remains a constant rediscovery of the partner and therefore makes this sex technique so exciting and varied.