Where does the pleasure of licking butt come from?

Licking has long been a topic on which opinions differ. Some people like to lick and let themselves be licked, others like to be licked, but don’t even want to do that with their partner. Still others cannot do anything with the topic licking at all.

That concerns both the licking of a pussy, and all the more the so-called Rimming, thus the licking of the rosette. While some people are afraid to stick their tongue into someone else’s buttocks, there has been a trend for some time now that more and more people are discovering rimming for themselves.

If you know enough about rimming, you will quickly understand. What makes it so interesting and what is the best way to do it, we have put together here in a small guide.

What happens during rimming?

We have noticed that there are still people who don’t even know the term rimming. Rimming, also called anilingus or simply anus or ass licking, is the stimulation of the anus with the tongue or also with the lips.

In a person whose anus is licked, it often triggers very stimulating feelings. Because the buttocks are one of the most important erogenous zones of a human being and there are numerous nerve tracts and nerve endings here, one reacts particularly sensitively to touches of any kind on the buttocks and can be very easily sexually aroused here.

It is not for nothing that there are so many sex toys that are introduced into the buttocks, and it is no coincidence that many people love it when they get one or more fingers stuck in their buttocks before or during sexual intercourse.

This is also how rimming works. When you feel another person’s tongue or lips on or in their buttocks, you quickly feel a desire for more and enjoy that special feeling to the full.

Why Rimming is super for both partners

For a long time, rimming was regarded more as a sexual practice that was mainly for gays. This assessment, however, is completely wrong. Rimming is in no way limited to any group of people.

It can be practiced by heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals as well as men and women. You can live it out as a couple or with several people during group sex. Since rimming can therefore be done by everyone, it is not surprising that rimming is so widespread.

Rimming can not only be extremely antörnend for a receiving partner, but also for the partner, who licks, much joy make. The reasons are often different.

Many find someone else’s bottom beautiful and find it very pleasurable to look at. This is why they touch the bottom particularly often during sex or foreplay, be it with their hands or mouth or tongue.

Others do not necessarily achieve their own sense of pleasure during rimming, but they still like to lick their partner’s buttocks to make them happy and because they enjoy the sight when he or she is sexually aroused and the accompanying moaning of their partner.

Rimming should be prepared a bit

As beautiful as the rimming can be, it also harbours a few risks. Through the direct contact of the tongue with an opening in the body, germs and pathogens can be transmitted.

Therefore it is important to pay attention to a sufficient hygiene before and during the tongue play. The receiving partner should therefore clean his buttocks very well. An anal rinse or an enema is particularly suitable for this.

The licking partner should also clean his mouth and tongue well after the rimming. Thus he does not keep unwanted bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue. This is also very important if you want to lick a woman’s vagina or clitoris after the rimming so that no anal germs get into the woman’s vagina.

Rimming offers countless possibilities

If you pay attention to the necessary hygiene, you can already start with the exciting ass licking. Rimming can be used wonderfully as an independent sexual practice, but it can also be combined with all imaginable sexual varieties.

So you can follow the whole thing with a prostate massage to make the anal pleasure even better. It can be used as foreplay, which can be followed by an ass fuck or sex in any position, for example.

Suitable positions for the rimming are the doggy position, which allows an easy penetration of the tongue, or the so-called facesitting, in which the receiving partner sits on the face of the licker.

It is a matter of taste how far the tongue penetrates the buttocks of the other person. Some people only lick the buttocks from the outside without touching them with their hands, others push the buttocks apart with their hands and can then penetrate further into the anus.

  • It is also up to each one to decide whether to leave it at gentle kissing and licking of the anus or to nibble a little with his teeth, although the necessary caution is required to avoid causing pain or even injury.
  • The special kick one can give his treasure with the ass licking, if one puts beside mouth and tongue also a finger or a certain Sextoy at the same time in the bottom, for example an anal chain.
  • Conclusion: Rimming is a pleasure that no one should miss. Even those who don’t like someone else’s bottom should give it a try and try it at least once.

At the bottom, all people are particularly sensitive, which makes the rimming particularly exciting. In addition, all people can do it, because every person has a bottom, which is spoiled with pleasure.


Rimming 101: Everything You Need to Know

What is it ?

What is this actually, the so-called Rimming? You often hear it in connection with pornography, which is about anal sex, which is known to consist of much more than just an ass fuck. Put soberly, rimming is the stimulation of the anus of the partner with the tongue. With the tongue anal the sentence: “Fuck my ass” gets a completely new meaning … This ass licking as a sexual practice is a combination of anal sex and oral sex. It’s by no means just about licking the rosette, licking the butt hole. No, when licking buttocks the whole buttocks can be included, from the buttocks to the perineum. And the tongue anal sex may even go quite far, namely up to a real anal tongue fuck, in which one does not only lick butthole with the tongue, but really penetrates into the anus. So it’s no wonder that the origin of the word rimming isn’t quite clear – it could come from “rim” in English, but also from “to ream”, so extend … Somewhat more technical than the other terms, rosette lick, poloch lick, ass lick or anus lick is, by the way, the term Anilingus. This comes from the Latin, where anus means anus and lingere lick.

Popular techniques

With anilingus or rimming, anything that is fun is allowed. It is best to find out for yourself how to approach the rosette with your tongue – or into it – and in which position this happens. A very popular sex position is to sit on the partner’s face leaning back a little, just like with clitoral or vaginal face sitting, except that the rosette is stimulated with the tongue. At least for the beginning, however, a completely different sex position is probably much more pleasant and comfortable, namely the so-called doggy position on all fours. Do you remember? Also the anal intercourse is often done in Doggy Style. It is also sufficient if the receiving partner simply lies on his stomach. However, it is very practical to place a pillow under his abdomen so that his buttocks rise slightly and it is easier to penetrate the poker leg with your tongue. Just try out the position in which you can best reach your partner’s buttocks and especially his anus with your tongue. There are no limits to your imagination.

Closely related to the Anilingus is by the way the so-called “ATM” or also A2M. This is a sexual practice whose term is fully written out as ass to mouth; translated: from ass to mouth. A partner is first fucked from behind, and then the erect limb is immediately pushed into his mouth. You experience an indirect anilingus, so to speak; only with the difference that you get to taste your own butt hole. A variation of the Rimming is also the so-called anal Felching. This is what it is called when one partner licks the other’s buttocks after anal intercourse and licks up one’s own seed, which slowly drips out again.

  • In the context of group sex, a fast threesome for example, it can of course also be the sperm of another man, for example a woman from the ass crack of another licks.
  • Felching exists in the vaginal and anal forms.
  • In any case, tongue anal is a sexual practice, which provides for fantastic feelings of lust and as foreplay for anal intercourse just as suitable as afterplay or simply as a part of a passionate night, in which there are many other sex games.
  • Not only the man should limit himself to practising anilingus; it is also a nice experience for women when they see how exciting their partner finds it when they lick his butt hole or maybe even let a little tongue fuck take place anal.

Tips & Tricks

– foreplay

With anilingus, thorough anal hygiene is even more important than with most other forms of anal sex. It goes without saying that you clean your buttocks thoroughly beforehand. In case of doubt, it is also advisable to carry out an intestinal flush so that the anus is clean further inside, especially if a tongue fuck is planned anal. We will also discuss anal hygiene in a special chapter on its own. For some anal sex lovers, the fact that such cleansing does not take place is what makes rimming so attractive.

Anyone who attaches importance to safe sex and wants to reduce the risk of infection will fall back on so-called leak tissues for the tongue canal; a kind of very thin transparent film which is pushed in front of the area you want to lick – in this case the anus – and which provides a similar effect to condoms; they protect against germs penetrating from the anus into the mouth. These “oral condoms” are also called dental dams. They are often made of latex. If you like, you can also order such a lick cloth with a certain taste, similar to condoms with certain fragrances and in certain flavours.

– Communication

Communication is the be-all and end-all for good sex, and rimming is no different. Although almost all people find licking the butt hole, including tongue fucking, extremely pleasant and exciting, many people are ashamed because it is simply about the “ass”, which is considered unclean. As long as someone has the necessary inhibitions, but is basically ready for anilingus, it can be advisable to talk openly about anal hygiene and devote yourself to it together, perhaps as a kind of foreplay. In other cases, if your partner is massively resisting anything that smells like anal sex, you can also try to lick him with a butt hole and surprise him if a good opportunity arises.

The excitement that triggers the rimming is the best argument for it! But of course you have to stop immediately if your partner doesn’t want it at all.

– Recommendations

The anilingus has not only a pleasant side, but also a somewhat less pleasant side; even if it is a possibly very tingling form of unpleasantness. In the context of a BDSM education the anilingus can also be used as a “forced” ass licking (whereby in the context of sadomaso sex everything ultimately happens amicably) as a punishment.

And for a so-called toilet slave, who is responsible for cleaning the mistress after her excretions with the tongue, the tongue channel is anyway part of his regular obligations as cleaning with erotic undertone. Perhaps you would like to try it out sometime?



Licking buttocks: Is this anal sex going too far?

A taboo subject? No! We talk about it. We talk about it. Anilingus, rimming, tongue anal or just licking buttocks. This anal practice (correctly read) is about licking the ass, or more precisely the anus of the other, with the tongue. Whether simply disgusting and wacky, or erotic, is probably in the truest sense of the word a matter of taste and anything but a must!

Why just at the bottom?

The anal region is occupied with numerous nerve endings and belongs to the erogenous zones. Besides kissing, it is one of the few sexual practices that is independent of sex. For those who lick each other’s buttocks, the whole thing has a certain charm or erotic kick.

What is the best position to take?

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  • Everything very easy with EasyControl!
  • Facesitting: As the name suggests, the person who is licked squats over the head of the licker.
  • In principle, however, any position is suitable in which the anus can be reached easily.

And what about hygiene? Well, if the anus isn’t washed, it’s not exactly appetizing for the licker, and can also have health consequences. The cleanest action is when the anus is not only cleaned externally, but also internally with an intestinal flush. This is the least risk of infection. In addition or as an alternative the leak cloth – technical term: rubber dam – can also be used, which is actually sold for licking the vagina.

Only lick the bottom hole?

No, when licking the buttocks, the entire buttocks can be included, from the buttocks to the perineum. And the tongue anal sex may even go quite far. Namely up to a real anal “tongue fuck”, where you don’t just lick your buttocks with your tongue, but penetrate right into your ass. Well, enough of the good.

Anyway, you’ve heard it now and know what it’s all about when you hear about Rimming or Anilingus. Still: Certainly not as horny as it sounds.


Anal tongue games for HER & HIM

Anilingus (also known as: Rimming, rimjob, analingus, anal kiss, Algiers French or anal licking) is the erotic penetration of the anus with the tongue. This oral sexual practice differs from the blow job or cunnilingus – in this variation both partners have equal rights and experience very similar stimulation.

Whether heterosexual or homosexual, stimulation of the pleasure organ enriches the love life. A high degree of trust in your partner is essential for rimming. In today’s article we give tips on hygiene, the right licking techniques and exciting positions that make anilingus an exciting experience. Break with us a small taboo and let yourself in on new erotic realms!

Anilingus: Taboo topic or exciting insider tip?

Blow Job and Cunnilingus were long regarded as taboo topics that people didn’t talk about. Today it belongs in almost every respect to a fulfilling sex life – these sexual practices have become socially acceptable. Anal intercourse is also becoming increasingly popular and is becoming the focus of many couples. The sensitive anus is an erogenous zone where countless nerve endings come together. Both women and men therefore enjoy an exciting stimulation. But what about anilingus – a sexual practice that is wonderfully suitable as a prelude to anal intercourse?

For couples who practice Anilingus, the practice is an absolute insider tip. A high degree of mutual trust and hygiene is important. This sex practice is not for anal beginners, but an exciting extension of anal intercourse for advanced learners. Anilingus makes the anal foreplay humid and stimulates the desire. Real tongue artists can even lick your partner to orgasm. Also the Anilingus in the society so far only little Zuspruch experiences and a certain Tabubruch with itself brings, is for some pairs an exciting play. It is therefore also suitable as a wonderful addition to the erotic role play and is also used in the BDSM and fetish area.

Anilingus requires hygiene and trust

The anus belongs to one of the most intimate but also most erogenous zones of the body. A high level of trust in your partner is essential for anilingus. Not only does one reveal a sensitive body zone; bacteria and diseases can also be transmitted. Hygiene has the highest priority with Anilingus. The anus should always be well cleaned before erotic anal games. In order to have an open discussion with your partner about risks and communicable diseases such as hepatitis A, HIV and various fungal diseases, you should not avoid anilingus. Even if it is difficult in the heat of battle, the partner should not switch between anus and vagina. Intestinal bacteria in the vagina can cause cystitis. In contrast to anal sex, a condom offers no protection during anilingus.

However, there are so-called “dental dams”, also called leak tissues, which are normally used to prevent cunnilingus. Partners who start with anilingus and who initially have to overcome licking each other’s anus, or people who know each other less well, resort to this form of contraception.

Anilingus postures and leakage techniques

With Anilingus it never gets boring. Different positions and leakage techniques keep the tension in this sex practice. The following tips are suitable for the beginning, but there are no limits to creativity:

  • Supine position: The supine position is the most relaxed position in which anilingus can be enjoyed. The legs are angled and a pillow placed under the buttocks so that the buttocks are slightly higher. The other partner lies on his stomach, the head lies between the legs of the receiving partner. Now he slowly starts to lick the anus.
  • Puppy position: The puppy position is perfect when anilingus is used as foreplay before anal sex. The partner kneels for the anilingus behind the receiving partner and, when the anus is relaxed and both partners are ready, can slowly enter anal sex.
  • 69 position: In 69 position, couples experience double penetration. With their legs tightened, both enjoy anal stimulation at the same time.

Once a suitable position has been found, the correct leakage technique is applied. First you start by slowly letting the tongue circle around the anus. The more intense the anilingus becomes, the more varied the leakage technique must be. Clockwise or counterclockwise, along the pores, with the tongue tense or relaxed – anything you like is allowed. If you like, you can penetrate the anus with the tip of your tongue a few centimetres. But those who believe that they have found the perfect leak technique to give their partner an exciting stimulation or even a climax, are far from it!

Due to the many nerve endings that come together at the anus, the partner feels touching the anus differently almost every day. Anilingus always requires new involvement – it is and remains a constant rediscovery of the partner and therefore makes this sex technique so exciting and varied.


Anilingus: The Fun of Rimjob

Rimjob is becoming more and more popular. In fact, the tender licking of the anus can be very exciting. Especially for men, a completely new pleasure often opens up. But there are some things to consider when doing a rim job. The prejudice of the dirty bottom is strongly exaggerated. However, you shouldn’t be hesitant to get away with it.

Everything that has to do with the backside divides the minds. Some find everything that has to do with the ass disgusting and want to have nothing to do with it, others practice with passion the anal stimulation. Be it anal sex, the finger in the bottom or even the rimjob or anilingus as it is called in the technical language. To all those who have so far resisted anal penetration: You should never judge something you haven’t tried at least once. Maybe you will like it.

What is fun about Rimjob?

There is a good reason why more and more people (men and women) enjoy anal sex. With men, the matter is as clear as daylight anyway. The prostate is located directly at the entrance of the anus, one of the erogenous zones of the man. Their stimulation increases the excitement. It goes without saying that men also like to spoil themselves with their tongue. Especially exciting is the wandering of the tongue during a blowjob.

Many excitable zones are very close to each other. So you can start with a blowjob and in the course of the stimulation you can go further and further down to the anus.

But what do women find in a Rimjob?

The back door is also full of nerve endings in women. Although they do not feel the same satisfaction as men because they lack the prostate, the nerves are perfectly sufficient for stimulation. It can be particularly stimulating for a woman to have her clitoris massaged during the rim job. Then it can even come to an anal orgasm. Surely the pleasure of a rim job also has something to do with dominance. After all, your partner crosses a border for you that is still regarded as a small taboo break.

This is what you should keep in mind when doing a rimjob

Despite the fun one can have in the anal practice, some things should be considered nevertheless. Because of course the anus is first and foremost the exit of the intestine. And of course there are more faecal bacteria to be found. These can cause severe poisoning in humans if they are taken orally. However, if the buttocks are washed properly, there is no danger. In the porn industry, enemas are often used as well. However, this is only an additional safeguard for the production companies and is not required for private anal intercourse.

The reason for this is simple. Faeces are much further back in the intestine and are not – as is often wrongly assumed – directly behind the entrance. That is why there is no danger of infection during anal licking.

  • However, a rim job should of course not take place directly after going to the toilet.
  • Another thing actually only concerns an aesthetic thing. Whether women want to hear it or not, they also have hair on their ass.
  • If you want to indulge in a Rimjob regularly, you should perhaps think about a waxing. Of course, this also applies to the lords of creation. Very hard minds even let their anus bleach.